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Saturday, July 06, 2002:

An online friend of mine, Nick, has a problem. He is going to die when he gets kicked off of his health care. This is currently expected to happen in about 8 months. If you have any way to help him, please do so. For more on this story, check out his website at
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Friday, July 05, 2002:

I have to admit, I having been looking forward to this email with relish.

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From: <>
Sent: Friday, July 05, 2002 9:34 AM
Subject: Quit scaring people!

My goodness! You Liberals will not quit trying to scare people and are trying so hard to get people not to like our wonderful President. It is a tragic thing to do this.

By the way, let the TRUE BORN AGAIN CHRISTIANS ALONE PLEASE! These people are the cream of the crop in the Christian world. They are minding their own business and not killing anyone are they? Sometimes there is a bad apple as Jesus talked about, but most of us love people and try to be good and helpful to the people we come in contact with. Remember, we all grow at a different speed and some have more wisdom then others. I pray you will find the good thing in this life. He is Jesus Christ.

Spare me your piety, Carol. I am quite content with my relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and don't need or appreciate complete strangers such as yourself presuming to have some insight into whether I am a "True Christian." I am also appalled by your "cream of the crop" comment. I suggest you search the scripture for a better understanding of Christ's teachings related to pride.

With respect to court-appointed President Bush, it is no longer even disputable that George Bush's war on terror is a ruse to allow American oil interests to build an oil pipeline across Afghanistan. Thousands of innocent Afghani civilians, most of them living in a poverty you could not even imagine, have died, and will continue to die, as a result of this war. Bush is able to do this only because "Christians", such as yourself presumedly, support him in this evil and murderous effort.

How does it feel to enable a murderer, Carol? Think the Good Lord is beaming down on you right now? Do you think Jesus is in favor of George Bush's mass murder?

Common Sense // 12:11 PM


Gore Vidal tells the truth here

"We had planned to occupy Afghanistan in October, and Osama, or whoever it was who hit us in September, launched a pre-emptory strike. They knew we were coming. And this was a warning to throw us off guard.

With that background, it now becomes explicable why the first thing Bush did after we were hit was to get Senator Daschle and beg him not to hold an investigation of the sort any normal country would have done. When Pearl Harbor was struck, within 20 minutes the Senate and the House had a joint committee ready. Roosevelt beat them to it, because he knew why we had been hit, so he set up his own committee. But none of this was to come out, and it hasn't come out."
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Can someone remind me of something...

Ken Starr spent 4 years and $60 million to figure out if Clinton did anything wrong in Whitewater. In the end, Starr figured out that he didn't. But what if he had figured out that Clinton did do something wrong? What was "step B" supposed to be in this process?

Because we already
KNOW FOR A FACT that Bush broke a Federal Law when he failed to report his sale of Harken stock.

Seems to me, its time for "Step B."
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My good friend Martin Sall sent me this. I think it speaks for a lot of us.

"I can't fight it any longer -- I hate them, I hate them, I hate them. And I'm a Quaker, so this isn't easy for me to say -- I'm supposed to look for the good in everyone. And usually I succeed -- even Saddam Hussein, even Stalin, even Hitler -- all had a least a few good points.

But the Bushes and new Republican Party -- they are evil men, totally corrupt devil spawn, every DAMNED one of them. They have DESTROYED my country, trampled her Constitution, oppressed her citizens, and declared war against humanity, all in the name of greed and corporate profit.

My oldest child is visiting Europe and is shocked at the difference in the lifestyle --for the first time, she is experiencing REAL freedom, REAL democracy at work, REAL government for the people, and an exponentially lower stress level -- she plans to move there permanently within the year.

Fact: we of the US live in a despotic penal colony (#1 in the world in prisoners per capita), in a plantation economy under Republican "massahs" -- and most of us don't even realize it.

Thanks to the Bushes and the Republican Party, the US is a goner -- yep, a goner. They have total power now -- what can't they do? They can select the president and give him complete authoritarian power, rig elections, blatantly trample on civil rights and liberties of citizens, capriciously defy the courts, and use the US military as their corporate thugs around the world.

As far as I'm concerned, these Satanic corporate hirelings have declared war on MY country, and so I hereby declare war on them. You hear that, Mr. Ashcroft, I declare war against YOU and MR BUSH and MR CHENEY and the whole traitorous lot of you! You took my country from me and my children -- all I have left now is my day in court to publicly call you out for what you really are! And may Godalmighty damn your souls to hell!"

Common Sense // 1:25 AM


Wednesday, July 03, 2002:

I realize that all of the "news" about Bush violating SEC rules is old, but it is getting mainstream publication, which is new. Combined with Cheney's chicanery at Halliburton, and it is obvious this story has legs. I still think it needs a "-gate" style name to really make it stick. I can't think up any good ones, though. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Securites Fraudgate?
Corporate Theftgate?

Oh fuck it. How about "Bush and Cheney are the biggest thieves in historygate"

On a related note, maybe we should start a list of all the people Bush and Cheney have ripped off.

The American people, (when they stole the White House)
California electircity rate payers
Harken Oil investors
Halliburton investors
I don't have time to keep writing. Send your suggestions.

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The foxes in the Bush Administration are going to find those missing chickens in corporate america, yessiree bob.

Maybe, just maybe, the baby boomers are going to wake up to the fact that the Bush administration has put their entire retirement at risk. They have already ruined the budget with the tax cut, 401Ks and pensions are imperiled by the likes of Mr. Pitt running the SEC, and the final straw would of course be the privatization of social security.

I, for one, believe we may well see the Dow below 8,000 by the end of the summer. If that happens, I will boldly predict that the Democrats will pick up at least 20 seats in the House.

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Monday, July 01, 2002:

"I'm a little disappointed in our chief executive -- who nobody ever accused of being a deep thinker -- for popping off."

~ 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Senior Judge Alfred Goodwin.

Goodwin won the Combat Infantry Badge in World War II, and was appointed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court by President Nixon in 1971.

George W. Bush went AWOL from the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam war, and was appointed President of the United States by the Supreme Court in 2000.

During his time fighting Hitler in Europe, Goodwin remembers that on the belt buckles of dead German soldiers was an inscription claiming God was on the German side.

During his time spent AWOL in Mexico, Bush remembers snorting cocaine off the belt buckles of teen-age prostitutes.

Common Sense // 5:38 PM


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