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Monday, October 14, 2002:

I like betting, because it lets me make a point in terms even a warblogger can understand. The point I want everyone to understand is that conservatives are far, far more dangerous and given to socio-pathic behaviour than liberals. You don't agree? Then let's make a wager.

Safliar wants us to believe the sniper is al Qaeda. I tend to think the sniper is a right wing racist nut job ala Tim McViegh. But I'm not certain the sniper is a soldier of fortune reading-NRA belonging-GW Bush voting ditto-head; I just suspect as much. On the other hand, I am absolutely positive that the sniper is NOT a tree-hugging, Al Gore voting, ACLU belonging, liberal. So this is my bet:

If the sniper turns out to be a liberal democrat, I will pay you $100,000
If the sniper turns out to be an NRA member, you pay me $100,000
If the sniper turns out to be anyone else, we push.

Any takers? Then you cede my point. Liberals make better neighbors.

Common Sense // 5:11 PM


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