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Wednesday, October 30, 2002:

More battles with the dillusional Greens:

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I didn't appreciate having my name and address put on your blog without my permission, not to mention the name calling (ie idiot mail). Your intolerance of differing viewpoints is more than disappointing. I once thought you were smart, not smart-ass. For the record, my Green vote was in a state that went solidly for Gore as I knew it would. If our votes counted, Gore would be president.

For the record, you DID give me permission. My site clearly states: "Anything you submit you give permission to publish. If you wish to remain anonymous, please indicate as such." When you sent your original message, you failed to indicate that you wished to remain anonymous, so I published your name and email. In fact, you seemed to WANT that, as you proudly proclaimed yourself a "Green Party Member." Now that you have expressed a contrary desire, I have gone back and edited the post to hide your name. Your party identification, however, lives on. Your attack, submitting that there is no difference between the Democrats and the Republicans, is the BIG LIE that Nader repeated over and over and over, not in California or New York, where Nader conceivably could have picked up enough votes to give the Green Party federal matching funds (the stated purpose of his campaign) but in Florida, where, as we saw, he campaigned extensively in the waning days leading up to the election and where he was successful in making the vote close enough for Bush to steal it. Until and unless you see through Nader's easily exposed LIES and recognise the now indisputable fact that Nader's real agenda is to destroy the Democratic Party (as opposed to building a viable Green party (which he never joined) or moving the Democratic party to the Wellstone left), you are, IMHO a rube, a dupe, a pitiful decieved fool, and yes, an idiot. If that makes me a smart ass in your eyes, as opposed to being smart, so be it. I'll survive. brew
Common Sense // 12:41 PM


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