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Tuesday, March 18, 2003:

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Wayne Garren
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Have you checked the Gallup Polls Today. 66 percent are behind the President as we forge ahead with our plans of war. I don't think you give those people benefit of their knowledge or intellect. I think you sound like a lawyer, a dyed in th wool democrat, and a real loser (one of the one's whose presidential candidate didn't win) the last election. I am among that 66 percentile and I take time out to read liberal garbage, one sided, and spoken by some little guy standing on a soap box, usuall north of the Mason Dixon Line, just to reinforce my beliefs in "My President" and "My Country." Have a nice day and print this if you like but I don't think you will.


Thanks for your note, Wayne. Concerning your suspicion that I don't "give those people benefit of their knowledge or intellect" I must admit that I am guilty as charged. Polls consistently show that about half of the American public believe that Saddam Hussein was responsible for the attacks of 9/11, and that the homicide/suicide pilots were Iraqis. I am assuming you fall in the informed half of the public and know better. On that basis alone, I am not sure the opinions of the public at large are sufficiently well informed to be of any real value in a serious policy debate. Stated differently, how much of the 66% that supports this war also believes that Saddam is responsible for 9/11? Logic would suggest that number is 75% (66/50=75). Once the ill-informed are removed from the equation, supporters for the war are plainly a small minority. I wonder why you think we should be listening to the idiots?

All of this discussion is, of course, a tempest in a teapot. Bush will launch his illegal war no matter what I say or do from my little soapbox, our troops will meet with either success or with set backs, and the political chips will fall where they may. I, for one, hope he is completely successful, as the consequences for failure will be disastrous.

I suspect the real difference between you and I isn't our shared hope that the war goes well, but rather our calculations concerning whether such is likely. You, along with 66% of the American public, apparently think our chances are good. I am not so sure. Certainly, the diplomatic efforts leading up to the war have been catastrophic. But it is now pointless to argue about this. All we can or need do is sit back and watch.

Common Sense // 12:57 PM


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