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Tuesday, April 01, 2003:

Can private Lynch sell her story to Hollywood, or does the army own it?

You know "Saving Private Lynch" would be a blockbuster. After all, she is a pretty blond teenager who, in my not so humble opinion, had no business being in a war zone, was taken prisoner and held behind enemy lines, and was saved by our guys. If it weren't true, you could never sell it, but since it is, it has Hollywood written all over it.

In a related note, WAY TO GO to the kick ass guys who saved her. If we had a commander in chief who was half as competent as you dudes, this thing would already be over, and the whole world would be thanking us for doing it. Good luck bringing the rest of them back. We all know you are looking, and we are praying you get it done.

Common Sense // 8:45 PM


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